Welcome to ‘KMT Partners Podcast Sessions – Ahead of the game’


Bringing you 30 minutes of actionable insight to get and keep your business ahead of the game.

Clients often ask us how:

“How do I get ahead of the game?”
“How build my business to become a leader?”
“How do I renew a lagging business model?”
“How do I grow?”
“How do I build resilience into my team and business?”
“How do I stay ahead of the game?”

….so we’ve built these themes into our podcast series ‘Ahead of the game,’ by KMT Partners.

At KMT Partners we are passionate about what we do and love working with the passionate people who are the founders and owners of their own businesses. We’ve invited them to feature in our podcasts, alongside leading experts from across our network, all hosted by media-wise, Andrew Montesi. He interviews new, emerging and established businesses to address these key themes, telling behind the scenes stories about their business and providing advice on meeting the challenges common to us all.


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