Succession & Transition

Succession and transition is a challenge for both family and privately owned businesses. There are complex considerations to address, in terms of business, staff, personal and family needs. We are qualified family business leaders who take an holistic approach to planning appropriate support.

What we do:

  • Family business
  • Succession planning


Family business

When your family owns a business, there is far more to consider than business objectives. We specialise in a ‘whole of life’ approach to your family business. We have specific training, qualifications and experience in business and family issues and can advise on the unique circumstances of a business family.

Once you set your ambitions and ‘targets’ we can assist you achieve the desired outcomes. We will work hand in hand with you and your family as business managers, owners and family members to facilitate your achievement of your goal.

Succession planning

When you consider handing over the reins, we advise on and support exit and succession strategies for business owners. Guidance that considers both short and long term business value growth will have substantial impact on your own wealth.

For a no obligation consultation to discuss your family business and succession needs, contact us.