Our Values

Our Guiding Principles

Mission – To help you reach your goals by providing exceptional customer care and professional advice.

Vision – To become the leading firm in providing professional services to support your financial evolution, creating sustainable business models and building financial independence.

Values – Our behaviour reflects our values:

•   Sharing – knowledge, learnings and experience

•   Caring – wanting the best for the benefit of others (people, business and clients)

•   Contributing – acting to make a positive difference


What This Means For You, Our Client

Our sweet spot is family and privately owned businesses, working with you to create sustainable wealth, generate growth, support intergenerational transition and achieve financial, wealth and health goals as you age.

KMT Partners is the only Chartered Accounting Firm in Adelaide with a specialist focus on the autonomy of individuals, family, business and the aged.

Using our own capabilities along with strategic alliances, we support your business evolution and renewal, create financial independence across generation whilst dealing with compliance obligations:

•   We seek to align our success with your success

•   We will work alongside you to set and monitor your journey

•   We support you to adopt the road to financial goals

What This Means For Our Team

•   Develop prerequisite skills and competence within our team or strategic collaborative alliances

•   Renew our client services capabilities as dictated by regulatory or commercial influences

•   Adapt management information systems and tools for our own needs and those of our clientele

•   Specialise in providing business management services including compliance, risk management and analysis skills